The gradient is what is currently displayed—a combination of different colors with a little contrast instead of the more subtle and dull colors. I’ve seen some interesting design cues this year, and probably since then. Most of the trendy web design themes are a continuation of what has been incorporated into design projects in the last few months.

website design trend 2022

For more information on basic ADA compliance and accessibility, check out the article by Search Engine Journal here. 2022 will be an interesting year with COVID-19 continuing to impact regions around the world. There is now a greater increase in the importance of websites as a whole since people are now at home more working, communicating, and reserving appointments online more than ever. With this being said, we are expected to see a rise in websites improving their overall offerings in general and user interface design needs to be top-notch to support this.

Brutalist Design

It’s always a good thing to prioritize a user-friendly experience with a dash of surprise to encourage users to stay on your page and browse through what it has to offer. The user can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with the horizontal scrolling on their tabs or phones. The scroll capture allows the users to view the screen from different sides and planes. The demand for skilled professionals having a bachelor’s degree in digital media is increasing. Communicating brand values via design is an art that you should learn and develop by practicing. Knowledge of the latest trends helps you to perfect your skill of designing.

It’s closer to being in a videogame, where we know eating a food item restores health. Similarly, a web designer might include information for hotel rooms on a trip booking website under a brochure, and when you click on it, you’ll see what hotels are available. Additionally, an airplane would represent travel information, the surgical mask would guide you on COVID-19 regulations, etc. We think the expected reaction of parallax scrolling has always been “Ohh and ahh” when, in reality, more than a few users find themselves reaching for Dramamine. In this year, minimalist, brutalist and illustrative websites become very trendy.

Website Design Templates Images

Is there a future for web designers?

Since the number of websites will only increase, the demand for web designers will also rise. So, does web design have a future? The answer is a big Yes! In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing digital sectors in the US and is likely to grow at an annualized growth rate of 4.4% in 2021 and beyond.

So videos, introductions, slideshows, animations, and multimedia elements all help you do it. It’s all about creating a user experience that tells the story. One of the most prominent trends in web design lately has been the explosion of three-dimensional elements. Apps, and nearly every other user interface and user experience design, have been kicking this up a notch.

The top 10 web design trends for 2022

Some small changes can improve your site’s navigational abilities and overall function for every visitor. It’s incredible to see how the internet has changed in the past few years alone. Website design trends come and go, but most of us can agree that today’s design elements are better than ever. Of course, technology is constantly advancing, so it’s no surprise that web design trends are also changing. This means that anyone who is interested in building a website should not only be aware of the web design trends themselves, but also of innovative website builders like Editor X. 3D has been used on different websites for a long time and is of great interest.

Characters unique to your site design and identity create a memorable brand experience. True to their name, micro animations are small, but they are very powerful. Micro animations effectively highlight key sections of a landing page and draw the user’s attention to the content you want them to read or an action you want them to take. Scroll-based interaction is so intuitive that readers don’t have to second-guess what to press, click, or swipe. They see a dynamic interplay of text, imagery, and sound that gives the story an engaging rhythm.

Parallax Scroll Animations

Digital Bro’s website sticks to a very monochromatic color scheme by using one hue of yellow and very rarely strays from that one variant of yellow . Mawla’s website uses organic shapes and lines on their homepage, specifically here in their hero area on their site. It’s been used as a technique to help stand out from the crowd, to draw attention, or to otherwise experiment with design. However, in 2019, I see it making more of a statement and becoming more common on the web. The end of the year is near, and that could only mean one thing.

Website Design Templates Dreamweaver

Cartoon characters, bright colors, funny elements, children’s drawings, and photos of laughing people lift the mood and help keep the visitor on the site. Kind, funny, cute elements leave a pleasant impression and are liked by users. Popular designs and innovative UX and UI approaches can quickly become tired and overdone, so keeping on top of the latest web design trends is crucial for staying ahead of the curve.

AI, machine learning, IoT, robotics — will bring changes in manufacturing, production, distribution and innovation across all sectors. Tech companies will create next generation experiences and products, bearing in mind the need to protect nature, to create better and more efficient global systems. 3D elements are becoming increasingly popular in web design as technologies have made them more accessible, and they can also be interactive. Their main problem has always been slow download times, which can negatively affect the usability of the website, but technological progress has reduced this obstacle.

website design trend 2022

There is little doubt that web design will change even more as technology continues to improve. While we certainly can’t predict the future, we’d like to offer an insider perspective on some of the latest web design trends we’ve spotted. Some popular fonts for 2022 will be minimalist fonts, bold fonts, and animated typography. Classic serif fonts are making a comeback too, like Times New Roman and Georgia. Don’t forget that things like line-height, letter spacing, and whitespace all play a significant role in readability too. Rigid patterns and shapes highlight a contrast to simple backgrounds.

If you’re planning in designing your new website yourself, incorporating the trends discussed above will help you achieve a finished product that appeals to today’s web user. In most situations, you’ll achieve the best results by working with an experienced web design agency. Today’s websites are blending vintage fonts and colors with more modern imagery for a fun, eye-catching design. When used tastefully, this retro 90s flair can significantly enhance your website’s impact. This excites visitors as it gives them the impression of innovation and creativity.

New Web Design

Website Header Examples, Trends & Tips for Conversion

Some of us also took the time to build new job skills during quarantine. We kept an eye on the newest cool design trends to wow everyone with a great first impression. We also put together a list of some of the coolest web design trends in 2022 that will give your website some love and a brilliant aesthetic. As an example, one of the top web design trends is keeping users’ thoughts and sensitivity in mind. After gathering a lot of information about eCommerce website design trends, we are trying to update the websites and incorporate what is in these days.

  • However, this style is even more popular in app design, as seen in this smart home control app design by Igor Lutsenko.
  • When selecting these people for your team, raise questions about setting the necessary budget and deadlines and what design and development tools team members should know how to use.
  • It simply comes down to the overall user experience you provide.
  • Yes, it is one of the top web design trends that have leveled up the eCommerce business.

Visiting a website and being unable to find the options or assistance you’re looking for can be very frustrating, and AIchatbotsare created to avoid such exasperation. Websites that offer appealing visual content, like large images, maps with multiple details, or stretched-out visualizations, are best suited to horizontal scrolling. Web design is similar to fashion, which always evolves with time and users’ preferences.

The use of a more reserved color palette sets this restaurant website apart from the many that rely more on bold, excitable colors to attract customers. What the designer has accomplished here is to enable visitors to experience a smooth and easy flow from the digital content into a natural setting. In this case, a designer needs to create a digital environment that feels real to the observer. When you use tools like Canva, Squarespace, and even Mailchimp you can create amplifying effects and animations with personalized fonts. But memes are so popular and easy to understand that brands can easily repurpose them or create new ones and build an instant connection with their audience.

The next trend is all about creating strong interactive websites that guarantee customer engagement. In fact, CGI graphics work best in web design with animation and their complexity speak of quality and high-end technologies, which is a huge advantage for brands that can afford them. With the endless possibilities and benefits of having CGI graphics, this is becoming a trend for agencies and companies that don’t do CGI as a profession.

This type of design is even possible with video and multi-layered parallax. More and more designs are being introduced with rich animations in the form of gifs videos, SVG, CSS, and more. The logic behind hiding the menu on a web page is to save space. Although some people find it unnecessary as it certainly makes it difficult for users to find the menu, nevertheless, this trend is here to stay.

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White space is a bit of a misnomer because the space doesn’t have to be white. The design concept refers to leaving blank space around design elements. So the “whitespace” is typically the background color of your site. Parallax animation works by separating background and foreground elements. The images closer to the viewer, the foreground, move faster than those further away in the background. This effect occurs when users start scrolling down a page, and the background images change at a slower rate.

To create a better UX, either make it automatic with the visitors time or device theme, or you can use a toggle or button to allow visitors to switch between the dark and light modes. It is the most demanded technological web design trends for 2022 that you need to know in all circumstances. The principles of mindful web design include an approach that avoids information or busy graphics that can potentially overwhelm a website visitor. As you can see, trends are moving back to a cleaner design with lots of white space , making the visitor experience more relaxing and your content more easily digestible. Expect to see a lot more empty space on web pages with a lot of attention given to banners, larger headlines, colour blocks and imagery.

An interesting UX design trend that’s become more popular in recent years is scroll animations. This type of web design showcases visual design talent and front-end development skills, and it also increases time on page and engagement. Our experts created Igor’s new website design to encourage users to scroll or click through the page layouts to see Igor’s service lines. As long as the animations don’t take away from your goal or confuse users, this 2022 web design trend can be a highly effective way to make it easier for users to convert.

You can use color blocks to block off text, frame graphics and images, or as background elements that’ll grab your visitors’ attention. Another way to catch people’s attention is to incorporate scroll-triggered animations. The most common scrolling animations are designed to move when an object is seen within the viewport. Page elements can either vibrate, change color, slide, and so on.

One of the best ways to catch attention on your website is through animation. We’re expecting an exciting 2022, but people are still adapting to the new normal. Another value add from illustrated characters is they can even point to a call to action button without looking too cheesy, as this great character does in the Mille et Un Fund web design. Your browsing experience would greatly improve by upgrading to a modern browser.

Latest Web Design

In particular, the texture they’ve included in the background adds a unique touch, giving the feel of images on poster board. Tech PR & media agency the Bulleit Group, for example, features a collage-style image in their hero section. Make customer delight the driving force behind your design trend decisions. Speak to your customers before and after you make any big design decisions to ensure those website changes solve their problems and create an optimal user experience . Micro-interactions are little animations that provide visitors with unobtrusive input on a website.

With more daily functions moving online, more users are judging a business based on the quality of the site and expecting a high-quality UX. If your site doesn’t meet those expectations, visitors may quickly leave. Intentional inclusivity and diversity in design is no mere trend; it signals long-term social progress. Fortunately, accessible design has become the norm for marketers choosing brand imagery and messaging.

The Top SEO Trends for 2022 – Entrepreneur

The Top SEO Trends for 2022.

Posted: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

There are all sorts of creative ways to conceal and reveal prompts, clues, and answers. This is a case where you can use your web design prowess to create a puzzle that enthralls. Day & Night, a short from Pixar in 2010 influenced animation approaches used in features like Inside Out and Soul. Here are some of the trends in web design we anticipate making an impact in the upcoming year. (Need more inspiration? Check our 2018 web design guide,2017 web design guide, and 2016 web design guide, too).

  • Web designtrend is a combination of art and great photos and illustrations.
  • You can have an attractive website that represents your brand well, but that doesn’t matter if the UX isn’t optimized.
  • Technical support, where highly complex problems require human intervention at present, is not far behind.
  • However, many agents are less than diligent when it comes to this aspect of lead generation — and can you blame them when it’s so time-consuming?
  • In fact, according to the latest visual search stats, 61% of online shoppers said that visuals help them shop better online.

That’s what makes scrollytelling such an interesting and creative way to promote certain aspects of your business. While there is no shortage of design trends going around to look at for inspiration, there are quite a few that have stood out to us. If you’re eager to learn the latest on website design trends to see if your small business’ website meets the mark, read on. Another modern web design trend is the dark mode in contrast with low lights. This trend is significant, gravitating away from the past few years’ traditional white and bright designs.

How Much Does a Website Cost? – Small Business Trends

How Much Does a Website Cost?.

Posted: Mon, 21 Mar 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Likewise, horizontal scrolling creates active participation from the user, keeping them more interested and engaged through layout alone. The current vogue is to incorporate various 3D elements with a flat, clean 2D design. The clean design allows for a simple layout to explore, while using 3D elements to deepen the immersive experience. 3D elements can be expanded to create robust visual storytelling, allowing you to capture your history, product, or promotional items with a clear pop.


To achieve the same, it is vital to keep up with the most innovative web-design trends. Our last design trend for 2022 takes a new approach to traditional vertical website scrolling and turns it horizontal. Just as the name suggests, websites with this design allow visitors to scroll both horizontally and vertically. Use familiar visual elements in tandem with VR and keep the style consistent with other aspects of the website, such as fonts and colors.

2021 will also see an evolution of the classic split-screen design. Unlike the old split-screen, where two content types are split in the middle symmetrically, more asymmetric designs will happen. The dividing line itself will fade and will instead be replaced by interactive objects, even the menu itself .

Today, designers use them in various places — from educational applications to online stores. An uber-talented collective of designers and digital marketers. Envato author PixelSquid360 is a master at creating moldable 3D objects. From throwbacks like this cartoon rendered Retro Television, to this chrome Gold Skull, there’s plenty of 3D objects to play with over on Envato Elements.

Don’t be afraid of using oversized typography, especially if you want to differentiate from the competitors. The success of oversized typography is based on the quality of the font selected, so pay close attention to this aspect. To adapt for mobile users, you may need to put your hamburger menu in another place, like the bottom right corner, so your audience can access your information. This means you should focus on adding and placing site elements where they are easy to access with a thumb.

Experimental typography is unconstrained by rules and can sometimes display as less functional, but definitely more expressive. The guidelines for shape, height, and spacing of letterforms are less etched in stone in 2022. Join us for a look at which graphic design trend predictions are becoming established digital art movements in 2022. The assistance provided by AI bots of websites is unmatched and saves you from the inconvenience and nuisance of figuring out a website’s numerous options. In this age where people have very little time to spare, an AI bot gets straight to the point of service to the highest extent and saves a lot of time with its exemplary assistance. You can always add exclusive graphics to your website to enhance its look.

Everyone is trying to add a little happiness to life, and web designers are no different. Full-stack digital product development, IT outsourcing, custom software development & web development company. The field of website design is never predictable, and this is what makes it exciting. The top forecasted trends for 2022 can make you realize its dynamic influence in shaping human lives. On the other hand, scrolling on all planes allows better interaction with the device. The same can happen during website viewing, as you can check the products from any side or angle.

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Changes on the site can occur both from the bottom up, top to bottom, and left to right. As a result, you can create a swipe effect or give the impression of surprise when different new elements appear in unpredictable places as you scroll through the site. Three-dimensional elements help show the design of buildings and interiors, which is especially important for web resources of different studios. The smooth change of colors attracts attention and complements the text that we see, making us stay on the site longer.

Moreover, the contemporary evolution of minimalistic art has spilled over to website designing. With fewer elements and straightforward navigation, users are guided across the website. The minimalist trend no doubt has more years to thrive, beyond 2022.

As long as people give their details via your website’s contact page or newsletter signup form, this handy helper will take care of the rest. Brutalism as a creative pursuit can be fun, but may not suit the palate of every user—the non-universality of such designs is what makes them so exciting. The brutalist designs reflect a pop-punk culture, and the extreme use of animations can get quite dizzying.

How to do it better – Implement subtly to add some depth and use sparingly in a way that adds a bit of intrigue for products when appropriate. So, here is a list of the top 17 web design and UI trends for the year 2020. Each of the featured trends below will have a little excerpt on why it’s stylish, and a separate one on why – or if – it’s effective. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, PPC Campaigns, YouTube, Vimeo, SEO, Google Business Listing, Linkedin, Indeed, and any other social media or Pay-Per-Click options currently available. A couple of decades ago, it may have been perfectly acceptable for a page to take 30 seconds or longer to load. Google Chrome is optimized for “dark mode” browsing, if so desired.

Gradients have now become more popular among creatives when searching for new website design inspiration. We expect to see more and more gradients incorporated in new website designs in the next year, among other 2022 website design trends. Graphic design trends can leave a professional, reliable, and trustworthy first impression of your brand. The next trend guarantees a tremendous visual experience for interactive websites that keep customers engaged.