Now, when you know the top web design and UI trends for 2020, do not waste more time but incorporate those in your website for providing the users with fantastic experiences. The addition of more video brings in more life to the website and it has the ability to capture the attention of almost all like no other forms of media. This is undoubtedly a 2020 trend and will continue for a long time. The overlapping effect is certainly one of the hottest trends of the year 2020. Overlapping things bring about visual interest to some of the specific types of contents.

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Since the beginning of 2017,mobile traffic has accounted for nearly half of all web trafficworldwide. More than good UX,Google has ranked mobile-friendly sites more favorably since 2018. The effect has become a popular option in a designer’s tool belt and increasingly been used as a background in place of gradients. Like a giant billboard, making your homepage hero section full-height can focus your users’ attention and serve as distraction-free messaging. That’s how most of us use our smartphones, and that’s why thumb-friendly navigation is essential. Putting the navigation bar, menu, and even contact buttons in the space your thumb can reach makes your site more comfortable to use and improves your UX tenfold.

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Gradients are transitions from one color to another, whether it’s monochromatic or one color to another . They create visual interest, add depth, and shift focus across a screen, which makes them versatile for use anywhere on a website—whether as a background or CTA button. White text on black background is hardest for the eye to read & causes eyestrain. Basically a picture book for children, rather than information graphics then. Annoying number of websites using videos and animations with no transcript for those who are visually impaired. Use of more animation and video also still uses more bandwidth, so again discrimination for those who can’t afford latest technology or broadband.

You can help build excitement and create a more fun browsing experience by using bold and colorful visuals. Gradients can elevate any design by adding extra dimensions, texture, and fun to your website’s design. They vary the content depending on what a customer needs, their search history, and their browsing behavior. A person can see answers to questions and threads related to the topic they’re researching. Use images, shapes, and colors that evoke a sense of comfort, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote healthy habits.

2022 website design trends

Although all of this was implemented with tragic and often humorous results, web designers in 2022 are reviving this trend with nearly 30 years of collective designer experience. Memphis design dispensed with minimalism and the high taste of art critics, making it more colorful, approachable, and adventurous for its time. Gradients can help create an illusion of movement while keeping the design minimal. In fact, scrolling has become so automatic that you may need to add clear controls in some cases to get or enable visitors to stop and be able to engage with key or important content. Changes in website typography size, color, and style are often employed to great effect as attention-getting strategies. Perhaps more so when hand-held devices are involved, but still not all that difficult.

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Ideally, it should convey the purpose of the site, including any products or services it offers. The hero section can also express the trustworthiness of a brand and sell the overall benefits of the business. With the increase of interactions available to create and use on websites, we’ve seen an increase in the ability to add horizontal interactive timelines. This not only adds a different dynamic to the site to keep the user engaged, but also reduces the length of the page.

Images in the foreground move faster than images in the background because they are closer to the viewer. When users begin scrolling down the page, the background images change more slowly. This causes the foreground images to appear to float on top of the background, adding depth.


We expect to see many more businesses incorporating no-code tools into their day-to-day workflows in a more significant way this year. Dynamic content is built around a database linked to repeated structures. The structure can be changed in one place, and you can simultaneously change all your blog posts, for example, without having to manually adjust each one.

This is really about aesthetics and feelings – we want to be away from home, but at the same time, we want the safety of our homes. Designs that feel spacious, inviting, and accommodating will speak to your visitors’ sense of security and safety. Animations are especially useful for illustrating complex concepts and processes in a simple, digestible way.

How Sabyasachi Made the Sari Haute – The New York Times

How Sabyasachi Made the Sari Haute.

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Together, we will shape your idea into a beautiful visual story on your website. 3D elements fascinated both users and designers for several years now. The reason why they haven’t been around that much is the costly technology behind them.

As a designer, if you’re familiar with the latest styles, you’re more likely to make yourself stand out by offering new and exciting ideas. Furthermore, ignoring the latest trends risks delivering a poor User Experience . Visitors may get frustrated if an outdated or unintuitive design makes it difficult to interact with the website. Designers have been experimenting, added a fresh touch to traditional fonts.

Our experts created Igor’s new website design to encourage users to scroll or click through the page layouts to see Igor’s service lines. As long as the animations don’t take away from your goal or confuse users, this 2022 web design trend can be a highly effective way to make it easier for users to convert. We expect features like this to appear among responsive design and UX trends in 2022. Brands want to fuel this trend to take the viewers back to the ’80s & ’90s and get them nostalgic.

Accessibility is much more than a trend — it is a necessity and should always be a top consideration when designing for the web. A combination of transparency, blur, and movement can make elements of pages behave visually like glass. You can use this technique in logos, illustrations, or even full sections. There’s a fantastic tutorial by Tim Ricks on one way to create a glassmorphism effect here.

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Designing for the Metaverse will require skill across various disciplines and will be a dominant trend in 2022. For businesses, this means more teams can create web assets for their company. HR departments can create training sites, resource repositories, or company directories.

The background is white, there is more space around sections of the website to make it look easier to read and give everything more room. If you add a lot of objects to the web design, it will look cluttered and will not appeal to the audience. Every designer should focus more on images and fonts rather than adding objects, making them look bad.

The Papier website looks stunning on mobile, and offers an incredible user experience — with minimal text, large images, and easily clickable buttons placed at the bottom of the screen. Next Horizonprovides holistic technology solutions for businesses looking to improve sales, increase agility and optimize productivity. If you’re interested in being more experimental with your typography, 2022 is a great year to do it.

When you pull it up on your phone for the first time or on another browser, you see the original content you saw the first time you visited the website. Minimum 1 Year relevant and real time experience in React Native. However, the latest website trends always help to increase the appearance of the website. Remember that loading speed optimization is not a one-and-done task. To maintain fast load speeds, every new page or update, you add to your site must be evaluated and optimized as well. Learning Center Ebooks, videos and other resources to help broaden your digital knowledge.

Floating menus are also useful here, where elements of navigation “stay on top” as you move through the site. Apart from practical reasons so the visitor won’t get lost and they have a lifeline anywhere they are on your website, it can also be tooled to provide a unique, appealing experience. However, as you can place them anywhere you can make a statement. It will also mean that more brands will use interactive data visualization to make such platforms closer to a SaaS model. These can come at a higher cost than simply looking for appropriate stock images, but they can do so much more. You can customize the illustrations to tell a story, for example, which is where narrative illustration shines.

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Gradient Color Schemes

BeAgency6 is another site that uses line art backgrounds effectively. As you’ll see, pointing a visitor in a desired direction doesn’t require using arrowheads or pointing fingers. More abstract designs can be put in play that suggest rather than point but end up having the same effect. Motion in an otherwise quiet or still setting is always noticeable, and strategically placed and well-timed motion applied to content can really make a website stand out in the crowd.

By including everyone, you are reaching more people and offering a better experience for all potential users. Accessible design focuses on users that have visual, hearing, or mobility challenges or impairments. However, keeping accessible design top of mind throughout the design process will make your website or app more easy to navigate for all users. Using simple illustrations to make the complex look simple is popular now, and will remain so, for reasons we have already stated here. Simple illustrations and simple design, incorporating more white space is easy to read and less of strain on the eyes and brain. When you use fewer elements, each element needs to carry more weight.

2022 website design trends

Compelling storytelling doesn’t have to be complex or super detailed. All you need to do is only temporarily forget the common web design principles and follow your own storylines to arrange your content. Any creative ideas that can visually shock and grab the attention of your audience should be adopted. In 2021, many playful and immersive user experiences have been created to attract and attain visitors as soon as they enter the website.

2022 website design trends

If you were trying to paint an image of an apple, you would not use just one shade of red. Ultra-fast cargo is one of the most important web design standards of the time. Quick landing times have long been an essential factor for UX and SEO, and are becoming a top priority for websites that want to rank well and convert better. Google and Firefox are two brands that oversimplified their branding to an extreme degree, leading to ridicule online. Remember, while simplifying is desirable in many ways, being distinctive and recognizable is still the ultimate goal for your logo and branding. Stay true to the feeling you want to convey, to how you want consumers to feel when they see your logo.

At LOCALiQ, we believe digital marketing doesn’t have to be complex and big goals aren’t just for big businesses. LOCALiQ provides the platform, technology, and services you need to reach your biggest goals. WordStream by LOCALiQ is your go-to source for data and insights in the world of digital marketing. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy. The Web should be designed to work for all people regardless of software, hardware, location, language, or ability. To achieve this goal websites have recently started to include new features that will increase the accessibility for all groups.

  • Ultra-fast cargo is one of the most important web design standards of the time.
  • Something much more abstract can get the job done and improve the users’ experience in the process.
  • Textures are making a comeback in a big way in all graphic designing spheres.
  • This style is simple and fits across many design elements – from backgrounds, icons, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, and more.

Smart ways to use video include auto-playing when a guest does an action or visits a part of a website. Organic shapes, 3D or lifelike elements, and overlapping components will become commonplace. Gone are the days when you could merely put a YouTube video on your website for the sake of having one. A single well-planned, high-quality video is preferable to a dozen hastily made ones.

ThreeSixtyEight even added a full interaction-design-focused step to its development process. A design without images is also a great opportunity to try other techniques as well, such as animations, hover states, or other interactive elements. These designs use many of the same stark effects but with a lighter edge.

The main focus is on the content, as it’s important to make it visually pleasing for the visitor. Brutalism web design manifests itself through exposed structures, a sense of roughness, and thoughtful processes. Brutalism is opening a space where developers and designers can do what they want, rather than what they should do. This style of web design was inspired by the architecture of the 1950s that was simplistic, cost-effective and practical. Choosing the right typography can be the difference in having a low bounce rate rather than a high one. Choosing bold typography, especially in a big font size, can really grab the attention of your site user.

The BeDentist4 pre-built site replaced “before” and “after” images with this unique feature. One example of getting a visitor to pause is to take what normally would be scrollable content and replace it with a slideshow experience — as BeInterior6 does at the top of its home page. In this example, the lightest part of the ocean image is blended seamlessly into the website background. If you have or are building a website that sells a product or a real-world experience, you should be giving this some thought. The most effective way to sell something is to let the consumer “feel” it. This sponsored article was created by our content partners, BAW Media.

  • We are happy to help if you are ready for a refresh or a whole new design!
  • A language translation option helps improve the user experience.
  • With Google’s Core Web Vitals update placing page speed at the top of the list of important website ranking elements, using too many images can cause issues with loading speed.
  • We will see more and more digital products represented through such 3D illustrations on their websites.
  • Complex gradients are one of the more recent developments to emerge in video and web design, and are often used to add depth to flat images.
  • So, for example, if I browse a particular website while I’m in London and then travel to New York, the content I see will be different even though I’m looking at the same page.

The outline of the human body or object will be drawn in either thin lines or simple strokes. In addition, colors are filled in some parts to highlight them, or most of the illustrations are left blank. This makes the design simpler to use and lends a neat and clean look to wherever it is applied. In 2022, a range of landing page design trends will help you ensure high conversion rates and increased revenues.

2022 website design trends

No one wants to look at an article that doesn’t have any visual content. When you compare it to the fact the same visitors spent only 5.59 seconds looking at all of a website’s written content then you get a good idea of how important images are. Google research showed that as page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%.

This is a nice trend that you should use to engage more with users and while helping your website stand out from others. A trend that feels in some ways both modern and throwback is linework. Designers can use lines to delineate sections, headers, paragraphs, and product galleries, or create a dynamic grid for the entire webpage. With this type of design, line weight is going to have the biggest impact on the final effect. From outlines to color fonts to shifting shapes and fills, bold and experimental type options are dominating website designs. When it comes to today’s web typography, there really are no rules and designers are playing with a little bit of everything.

  • Furthermore, ignoring the latest trends risks delivering a poor User Experience .
  • The Qode Interactive Catalog uses basic shapes, art, and parallax effects to add life to its website’s layout.
  • With everything seeming bleakly the same, it makes sense that you might want to make something in your life look different—even if the world outside continues to feel rote.
  • Showcasing the products in the best possible manner is imperative for marketers.
  • Clarity, functionality, and accessibility are the new foundations of visual design.

I’ve also noticed a lot of interfaces give you the option between dark and light mode (like Apple’s Mojave). As designers have always known, typography can do more than convey information—it can move the viewer. In 2022, web designers are taking this idea further with literal moving type.

While it first appears to be mainly decorative, the nebulous artwork effectively guides visitors’ eyes throughout the content. As you will see, guiding or directing doesn’t require the use of arrowheads or pointing fingers. Something much more abstract can get the job done and improve the users’ experience in the process. Notice how the lighter part of the ocean image smoothly blends into the website page background. This fondness for online searching or shopping is worth thinking about. After all, the best way to sell something is let the prospective customer “feel” it.

A new year means new trends – especially in the world of the web that’s constantly evolving. Let’s take a look at some of the top web design trends we’ve been seeing in 2022. This is a broader 2022 digital marketing trend where businesses are incorporating more accessibility and inclusivity into their marketing collateral—websites included. Website design tipSubtle motion is popping up everywhere on websites.

Voice search is expected to gain popularity by 2022 which will also affect website development trends as it is expected that voice search will become an integral part of internet browsing. Businesses need to be able to provide quality information on their websites so that users can find the answers they are looking for more quickly. This makes it important for businesses to include voice search capabilities and other advanced technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning. From 2020 onwards, it is expected that internet users will have a shorter attention span which means that they are likely to spend less time browsing the web. Majority of users would also be using ad blockers while surfing the net which can make ads less effective.

“Often featuring bold-yet-muted color choices, retro color palettes evoke a nostalgic, relaxed and cheerful aesthetic,” Kate explains. Similar to the muted palette trend, retro color palettes are all about evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity. To use color blocking in your next slide deck or presentation, try out this Keynote template from Elements.